The rating is based upon the analysis and the personal opinion of the authors.

Standard-Rating means, there is no extraordinary risk.

Low Risk
A level of low risk exists if no explicit risk-factors belongs to a stock. On the other hand week factors advise to be cautious.

Risky indicates a greater potential to lose money, but little chances of profit.

High Risk
High risk stocks represent the highest amount of risk, but an excellent chance of greater profit if the pump actions are well understood.

Don’t touch this stock yet. It might be, they will be pumped-up at a later stage.

A typical representative of high risk: Codebase Ventures Inc. during Sep, 2017 and Feb, 2018.

stock price, Codebase Ventures, CODE:CNX, TMX MOney, rating: high risk
Codebase Ventures Inc., CODE:CNX, Source: TMX Money