Risk Monitoring

StockFinger’s goal means risk monitoring.

The idea to create this website arose after years of experience with suspect stocks in unregulated markets. The stock-issuers have basically one target only: how to get the money out of investors’ pockets.

You can find basically four types of stocks:
1. Stocks without any kind of business behind it (camouflage)
2. Stocks with an appearence to have a business (illusion).
And finally one can find stocks based upon a real existing but mainly valueless business. The latter have two different characteristics:
3. The unduly marketing of (start-up-) companies (hope)
4. The takeover of board-functions (abuse).

Despite of the background, the promotion makes to believe in a glorious future of each company and in tremendously growing stock prices.

The general scheme is known as pump and dump.

Recognizing the right moment to step into the pump phase, opens a veritable chance to earn a lot. Misinterpretation of upward movements will end in a disaster.

StockFinger helps with risk monitoring of stock types and rating to decide whether to exploit or to avoid speculative stocks.