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Roadman Investments Corp, formerly Urban Select Capital Corporation, is a Canada-based investment company. The Company focuses on investing growth capital into private and public companies in a range of sectors, including renewable energy, natural resources, chemicals, agriculture and consumer retail services (Financial Times).

Roadman plans to achieve significant growth by investing in securities of companies engaged in health and wellness, nutrition, new forms of medicines, pharmaceutical products and others. In the near term Roadman aims to acquire assets in cultivation, distribution, consumer products and research and development in the medicinal mushroom sector (Current Focus).

Min Kuang, MBA: President, Chief Executive Officer & Director
Jin Yoo, MBA: CFO, Director & Managing Director
Shelley Leonhardt: Independent Director
Esther Mei: Independent Director
Alexander Klenman: Director

If Mr. Klenman is still a board member, the chances for a new peak in quotes are good. Have a look at Nexus Gold and Azincourt Energy.

Quotes, Roadman Investments Corp., Source: TMX
Quotes, Roadman Investments Corp., Source: TMX

Investments are held at fair value. Investments in common shares of publicly traded companies are classified as held for trading and investments in common shares of privately held companies are designated at fair value through profit or loss. The Company’s investments are comprised of the following (SEDAR):

Hard Rock LithiumCorp. 2,310,000 $
Lions Bay Holding Inc. 25,000 $
Deserving Health International Corp. 19,748 $
Yaletown Energy Capital Corp.
BoardSuite Corp.
CICINO Corporation
Desource Mining Corp.

… and are lousy.